About HRC

Our Mission Helping people help themselves through exceptional human service and community collaboration.
Our Vision HRC is the premier provider of comprehensive behavioral healthcare in east central Illinois. HRC is a highly valued collaborator and a powerful agent for positive community change, recognized for its ethical and professional staff, therapeutic environment, innovative treatment approaches, and commitment to individual empowerment, growth, and recovery.

Company Profile The  Human Resources Center is a 501[c]3 not-for-profit agency which operates  without discrimination as to race, sex, disability, or  national origin in the employment and promotion of staff, delivery of  services, and the selection of board members.  HRC receives funding from the Illinois Department of Human Services, the Community Mental Health Act (708), the United  Way of Edgar County, Inc., various grants, and service fees.  For more  information contact  Jonathan Burns at 217-465-4118. The Human Resources Center was established in 1968 as a community center dedicated to helping the citizens of Edgar & Clark Counties.  For over fifty years, HRC has served the businesses and citizens of East Central Illinois and West Central Indiana and has offered  a wide variety of rehabilitative services geared toward the issues and challenges that face our rural communities.


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