Helping People Help Themselves through Exceptional Human Service and Community Collaboration

HRC is the premier provider of comprehensive behavioral healthcare in east central Illinois. HRC is a highly valued collaborator and a powerful agent for positive community change, recognized for its ethical and professional staff, therapeutic environment, innovative treatment approaches, and commitment to individual empowerment, growth, and recovery.
  • We respect the privacy, dignity, and value of all individuals
  • We recognize the importance of being culturally and age-appropriate and competent in our approaches
  • We believe in a quality focused service delivery system staffed by conscientious employees
  • We strive for mutual respect, individual accountability, and successful outcomes
  • We seek to collaborate with other community agencies and other stakeholders to bring about positive change
  • We strive to creatively and responsibly generate the resources necessary to meet service needs
  • We believe in fostering an environment of personal and professional growth
  • We understand that recovery is a continual process involving choice, education, and advocacy


Please Give

Your gift sustains community behavorial health services, enhancing the scope and quality of programs that help children, families and adults find a brighter future.

You are making a difference, and your role as a donor is important to us. We value your privacy and adhere to the principals of the nationally recognized Donor Bill of Rights.

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How to Make a gift

There are as many ways of making a gift as there are reasons for giving. Depending on what you give, there are different advantages as well. For significant gifts, there may be tax, financial and estate planning considerations for you to weigh carefully.

We always recommend that you discuss these considerations with your financial and legal advisors. Please feel free to contact us, in complete confidence and without obligation, for additional information for you and for your advisors.

Cash, by check or credit card, is the most usual way of making a gift. Your gift will qualify for a charitable income tax deduction. You may mail a check, make a pledge or use your credit card. Please make your check payable to Human Resources Center or HRC or use our secure online giving service.

Stocks, bonds and mutual funds which have grown in value since first purchased or acquired are a popular asset to donate. Your charitable income tax deduction is based on the full fair market value of the asset at the time of gift, and you avoid paying capital gains tax on any growth in value.

IRAs, Roth IRAs, and other tax-deferred Retirement Plan assets are often used to make outright gifts or are gifted by bequest. Most retirement plan assets increase in value during your lifetime and grow tax-free. As a result, income and/or estate tax must be paid on the income withdrawn by your beneficiaries after your death. The taxation of these assets makes them a highly recommended asset for gifting. It is also easy to change the beneficiary for some or all of one of these assets by contacting your plan administrator for the proper form.

Life Insurance Policies, especially paid-up policies, are another way to make a gift. You may simply designate HRC as the beneficiary of some or all of the proceeds of the policy or you may transfer ownership of the policy during your life time to take advantage of tax savings. The advantages depend on your situation and the type of policy you intend to use for gift purposes.


JWY Endowment Established in 2000, the John (Jack) W. Young Endowment Fund honors Jack’s work to create a comprehensive behavioral health agency. As a result of Jack’s dedication thousands of our citizens in need have received vital behavioral health services over the past 40 years. All Endowment Fund gifts are maintained in a restricted account which generates dividends and interest income while preserving the original dollar value of the donation. The fund’s income is used to support HRC’s many programs and services. Your gift to the fund provides a lasting tribute to Jack and a perpetual source of support for HRC.

 Real estate is a flexible asset to use. You can make an outright gift or use real estate to create a charitable trust, which is a popular way to increase income and avoid capital gains tax. You can use residential, commercial or undeveloped real estate to advantage. You can even allow for the continued use of your home during your lifetime, while receiving immediate tax benefits.

Making a gift and keeping an income for life through a charitable gift annuity or charitable trust provides an immediate income tax deduction and dependable source of income for the rest of your life. You may fund such a gift with cash, securities or real estate (and other assets are sometimes used as well).

Giving Tree in memory of a loved one, celebrating a special occasion or expressing your appreciation to someone is easily done, but not easily forgotten. Leaves, stones, and acorns may be purchased and engraved with your loved ones names. (More information may be obtained my clicking on the picture above.)

Matching Gifts by your employer provide a way for you to increase your gift. Many companies encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations and match charitable contributions to qualifying organizations. Your Human Resource Department will know if health and social service agencies like HRC qualify. They will provide you with the company form you send in with your contribution.

Making a legacy gift through your will or estate plan is another way to make a gift, after first ensuring that your obligations are met. A bequest or other legacy gift provides you with a way to support HRC and can save estate taxes. 

Gain tax benefits through state and federal charitable income deductions, the avoidance of capital gains and potential estate tax savings.

Increase spendable income, perhaps significantly, by converting a low-yielding asset into an arrangement that returns a safe, secure income, typically for one or two people.

Attain peace of mind by creating charitable gift arrangements that increase income, conserve family wealth or help solve estate planning issues.

Create a lasting legacy with a bequest or other planned gift.

Fulfill your charitable goals and aspirations for yourself and for your loved ones.

Human Resources Center
of Edgar and Clark Counties
PO Box 1118
Paris, Illinois 61944

tel: (217) 465-4118, ext. 1200


“I especially like the peer-led group sessions. Knowing the facilitator has experienced some of the same things I have gives me a measure of comfort and hope. Their understanding comes from their own life experiences. They’ve seen through it too.   Through sharing experiences with each other, I get much needed validation.
I stopped drinking for the first time in over 20 years. Prior to attending sessions at HRC I was never able to stop for more than a few days at a time.”
Patsy King
“HRC has given me the tools to deal with my depression and anxiety. I am hopeful and have the will to live.  I see the light instead of the darkness.” 
Becky Davison
“I love the fact of having a safe place to talk about issues.  It helps me to relieve the stress of everyday life.  It helps me get the support that I need.  I like being with others who understand myneeds and feelings”. 
Senior Wellness group member
“I greatly enjoy coming to this group. I enjoy sharing with others and learning from each other”. 
Harriet Graves
“HRC helps me get through the day. I come in feeling stress and sadness.  After talking to one of the RSS who listen to my problems when it is time to leave I feel better.   I hope to live my life without stress and worries.  I just want to be happy.  I don’t know what I would do without the support of HRC”.  
April Dryden
“The services I received at HRC has helped me to regain hope and believe that recovery is possible.  The encouragement and support I received has helped me to gain employment and have a belief in a better future.”


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