HRC's History



The Human Resources Center of Edgar and Clark Counties began in 1968 when John W. (Jack) Young opened a satellite office for the Eastern Illinois Mental Health Clinic, headquartered in Danville, Illinois.  Mr. Young was the only therapist working in Edgar County at that time.
The “Human Resources Center of Edgar and Clark Counties” (HRC) became the name of the new organization created by the consolidation. Today, HRC is a not-for-profit behavioral health agency providing vocational development, supported employment, substance abuse prevention, outpatient mental health and substance abuse services, problem gambling treatment, community-integrated residential care, community social services collaborative support, and respite care.
During the 2006 fiscal year 5,820 children, parents, and educators participated in one or more HRC prevention programs and 2,456 individuals received HRC behavioral health services.  In addition to outpatient mental health services, prevention programs, substance abuse counseling, victims assistance, crisis services, respite care, and collaborative community support activities, HRC also provides rehabilitation and employment support services to over 90 developmentally disabled consumers on a daily basis.
Combined with supported employment and competitive employment income, the individuals that have participated in HRC rehabilitation programs now annually earn approximately $400,000—income that would not otherwise be available to them.  By participating in training and supports provided by HRC’s supported employment program, over 30 consumers have successfully applied for and obtained competitive work in their communities In total, HRC employs more than 160 employees and consumer workers. A majority of these individuals live in Edgar or Clark County, and spend a considerable portion of their $2 million in annual earnings in their home communities--paying their share of local property and sales taxes and shopping at local stores.  This is good for the local economy and helps local businesses stay in business.
HRC employees and board members are also very generous with their time and money in support of local community efforts, donating thousands of dollars and thousands of hours a year to dozens of local charities and organizations.  Thank you for collaborating with us to ensure we can continue to build healthier and safer communities.


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